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Imperium's story concept, characters, and all writings copyright to RED & the member community. Imperium skin by ShelbyJoyce, based off Vagrant at Caution! 2.0. Do NOT steal OR copy profiles, graphics, plot, or any of Imperium's content!

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 Imperium Rules

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PostSubject: Imperium Rules    Sun May 25, 2014 2:20 am

1| No power playing, God moding, meta gaming. Respect this rule, as it is taken very seriously. If we find you doing this, you will be asked to change your post, if you refuse, posts will be deleted based on the severity of the issue. If you are unsure about what you will be writing, ask a staff member or who you are writing with.

2| Liquid time is used here, meaning your character can be in up to three threads at one time, Threads started first will be the first in Imperium's time line. Careful not get into meta gaming here. If you need more on this Contact Staff!

3| The Chat box is for chatting, not advertising, not impersonating another person. Don't come in here raising hell, be nice and stuff. We take this seriously.

4| We are a PG-13 site, meaning that sexual content is not allowed on the boards. We know parts of life, love, death, birth will probably come up, keep the details minimum.

5| Staff has final say, no arguing, no taking it to another staff member if you don't like the answer. We talk to each other, and probably came to an agreement on the answer you didn't like.

6| There is a 300 word count minimum at Imperium. Every single person at Imperium is required to follow this, no exceptions. But it's best to try and match what the person before you gave. No one wants to send out a thousand word post and get 300 word reply.

7| Don't kill off any ones character without the others approval. EVER.

1| One character per account, no more.
2| You may have as many characters as you choose to have, But please keep them all active. And staff is subject to put holds on any part of characters if numbers start to skew.

3| No Mary sues, pretty straight forward.

4| Do to RED's pickiness making the board look so pretty, the Imperium application was designed just for us. Please use it, and only it.

5| When contacting a Staff Member, please use the staff account.

6| There is nothing wrong with posting work in progress applications, just let us know in the title with a WIP that it is such and we won't look at it until that WIP is gone. HOWEVER if an app sits as a WIP for more than two weeks without any movement, it will be archived and when you want to resume work, we will bring it back for you.

7| Staff members are the only ones that can accept your character.

8| This is less of a rule and more of a warning. We are aware there will be cross of cultures with certain characters. With that said, a million Tarzan and Janes is rather dull. It's more unusual here, as both sides are not fond of each other. Now the warning is for RED's sanity keeping it all honest, please don't go all Pocahontas and John smith with a ton of characters!

1| When first making your account, we don't care for what name you give it. But once your character is accepted, change the name to this and only this "First 'optional nickname' Last".
i.e. Halanna 'Hana' James

2| If you're account lays unattended for a month with no word to staff, your account will be deleted and your threads and characters archived. They will be unarchived if you come back.

3| No main name accounts to anyone but Staff members.

1| All Characters will have a real life play-by, meaning celebrity, model, ect. As long as they are not animated you are good to go.

2| Avatars for accounts can be no bigger than 150 x 200 no bigger.

3| ALL graphics, must be 500 px wide max. No exceptions, it'll stretch the page. The means, signatures, plot pages, templates, character pictures in the application.

5|No nsfw content in graphics, or in plot pages, signatures. None.
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Imperium Rules
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